Preventing Pipe Clogs with Routine Drain Cleaning

Best drain cleaning in Downey , CA available right now by top-rated, neighborhood plumbers.Many homeowners are surprised when they face a sudden and severe drain clog despite the fact that they haven’t done anything different than the days before. While some blockages arise from an immediate source, like a piece of hard plastic, many of them are the result of long-term forces. Most of these factors can be mitigated or prevented with routine pipe and drain cleaning by professional plumbers, which is why every homeowner should consider having their system maintained each year.

Common Causes of Clogs in Residential Plumbing

  1. Mineral Scale: Depending on the quality and source of your water supply, the liquid running through the tap may contain a variety of trace minerals and metals. These substances accumulate on the inside of your home’s pipes, which slowly reduces their diameter over the course of months or years.
  1. Grease: Grease and other fatty substances can be very dangerous for your plumbing. They tend to harden at lower temperatures, so they can form a seal that completely obstructs the flow of water. It’s best to completely avoid putting these substances in the sink. If any of it happens to get flushed down the drain, turn the tap to hot and let it run for a few minutes to wash the grease to the sewer.
  1. Hair: Human and animal hair can catch on the inside of the shower drain, which then traps other debris to form a partial or complete clog. Adding a filter to your shower drain to catch loose strands of hair can save you a lot of hassle trying to remove it from the drain.
  1. Garbage: Allowing any solid object to go down the toilet, sink or shower drain can result in a serious clog. This kind of object can wedge in one of the many corners throughout the pipe network.

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