5 Benefits of Sump Pump Installation

When was the last time you thought about flood protection for your home? Keeping our homes watertight isn’t something we always think about. However, it doesn’t take much for a house to take on water, especially during heavy rain storms or during long periods of rain showers. Even if you maintain your basement plumbing it might not be a great enough defense against unexpected water damage. That’s why we recommend sump pump installation for homes.

What Is a Sump Pump?

The main purpose of the sump pump is to pump water away from your foundation and basement. This keeps your basement dry and prevents damaging mold formation. A sump pump is inserted into a pit in the lowest level of your home. The pit fills with water up to a certain level then the pump turns on and pumps the water out and away from your home.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of sump pump installation for Downey, CA, homes.

Sump Pump Installation Benefits

    • 1. Personal protection: Whether your basement is finished or not, no one wants a flooded basement. Not only does a flooded basement create a lot of work, it’s also a health hazard. Standing water puts you at risk of electrocution, if there are exposed outlets or electrical components plugged in. If you don’t realize the basement has taken on water and walk into the area, you could be seriously injured or killed.


    • 2. Basement protection: Water in the basement leads to problems that create mold and mildew growth. When mold forms it not only smells bad but can be hazardous to your health. If there are people in your home who have respiratory problems, mold irritates the symptoms. You might notice an increase in coughing, wheezing, and breathing becomes difficult. Long-term exposure to mold can weaken your system and lead to serious health consequences. Installing a sump pump reduces the risk of small amounts of water making its way into your basement.


    • 3. Bank account protection: We are all aware of protecting our bank account from fraud, but what if the problem is something in your own home. Disastrous plumbing incidents like flooding take a toll on your finances. Replacing flooring, drywall, or even just drying out an unfinished basement is expensive.


    • 4. Pest control: Standing water breeds pests. If you aren’t interested in sharing your home space with critters, keep water from getting in.


    • 5. Foundation protection: Sometimes you don’t see the water that threatening your home. This is the water that collects under your home’s foundation. A sump pump removes this water before you ever notice it. If you don’t have sump pump protection, the water slowly eats away at your home’s foundation causing problems such as foundation shift or collapse. Protect your home’s structural integrity.


Professional Sump Pump Installation

Are you ready to install a sump pump at your home? If you already have a roughed-in pit, you’re in good shape to get started. But if you’re starting from scratch don’t let that intimidate you. Instead, contact us to help you install this essential appliance.

Downey Pronto Plumbing and Rooter is here for you. Call today to schedule your plumbing service with one of our licensed plumbers.

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